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The Cruel Reality Of Children Detained In The
Facing removal proceedings, most also known as deportation, is an overwhelming and frightening experience for most individuals. This is particularly true for those individuals who are detained (similar to criminals) for months or years at a time while their immigration cases are pending. Now imagine facing this alone as young children. According to a CNN report, many children come for the United States seeking regarding reunited with the parents who left them behind while escaping poverty-stricken countries. Others come seeking a refuge from violence. For those children who fall in the hands of our immigration authorities, they face a global of uncertainty with minimal to no guidance.
As many as 50 percent of kids who were detained in 2008 were unable represented by attorneys when the children appeared before an immigration judge. Immigration laws in this country are so complex and intricate certain one needs an attorney to maneuver their particular her way using the system. The first obstacle these children face is easy that they will be going to locked up throughout their immigration process if they do not have a sponsor, a person who assumes temporary custody and promises to deliver them back to the court hearing vendor judge.
The United States provides little to no available representation for these children. In the United States a student in removal proceedings is entitled to representation at no expense to the government, meaning that you must pay for your own representation. Now, how is young to pay for legal representation? Unfortunately, there are only a handful of nonprofit organizations who represent children in immigration proceedings, but may well facing significant financial cutbacks.
In addition into the limited representation as well as the many obstacles they face during the legal battle, these children also face a myriad of issues while in detention. Because exciting world of of the private detention system doesn`t have a one to strictly monitor them, also, since the conditions within the detention center are unsafe, many problems have arisen as the result, among them violence. The contract between Correction Cooperation of America (CCA) and the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) (now the U.S. Department of Homeland Security) was the beginning belonging to the private prison industry, according to the Detention Watch Internet connection. The private system means how the company is responsible to their shareholders and not towards the public, meaning they can run the facility without any supervision or accountability for the public. This type of set up will make the system susceptible towards inhumane treatment experienced by detainees, including children. For instance, the detention center T. Don Hutto had a connected with lawsuits and investigation for allegations of sexual assault in fact.
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