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Let’s Live Healthy
Fontanella SUPER ANTIOXIDANT is the brain child of Mike Pukanic who is a passionate advocate for health and nutrition and the ways in which they affect our overall quality of life.
Over many years of dedicated study into ageing and the health concerns that arise with memory booster it, Mike has identified a range of antioxidants. These include Lutein, Bilberry and Resveratrol, which he combined them in one potent and easy to take capsule – the Fontanella SUPER ANTIOXIDANT. This highly effective formula has been created to assist the body in fighting free radicals and maintaining health and well being. It especially helps those feeling the effects of ageing on the body.
Fontanella SUPER ANTIOXIDANT is part of Mike’s commitment and dedication to enabling and assisting people to live their best life. These include healthy living practices, overall well being and nutritional balance.
\"I have created Fontanella SUPER ANTIOXIDANT with one goal in mind – to help you live a long, happy and healthy life.\"
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